Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wedding portraits, the Bridial edition

Mixed media, pen, color pencil, graphite. My drawings always border on sloppy, I've never been one for ultra smooth lines or perfect blending, but I do what I can. I could never be a tattoo artist, not having the ability to erase my lines would kill me

I'm pretty happy with the one of Trish, but drawing women are more my speed...

I spent the same amount of time on Kyle's as I did on hers, but I am just no good at drawing dudes, and as such, he looks less than complete.

and here they are framed.

The bride is a good friend of mine, having known her from the So Cal days, and then living with her while in Seattle. She's a good example of taping into your friends for resources, and as such, she's got a great organizer(Anna), a custom pastor(Brian), and custom hair pieces, and bouquet.

The one on the left is the original design for her. The one on the right is a spare I quickly whipped up last minute as a back up...just in case.

I initially found a link to a DIY brooch bouquet, and found it very helpful, but for the sake of anyone interested in doing one themselves, here's some extra tips:
1. Start buying brooches far in advance to get enough to do a sizable bouquet
2. This shits get heavy. That's not a tip, but still a valuable fact
3. 22 gauge wire, and the paper floral tape worked best
4. Silk or fake flowers are great for filler underneath and between the brooches. However, since the bride was on a budget, and I couldn't find a fake flower I liked, I made all the rosettes from ribbon. Cost was less than$10 for 3 spools of satin ribbon
5. Patience, you'll need a load of it
6. Crystal beads add a nice added touch of sparkle
7. I recommend sewing the ribbon on the handle in place to ensure no slippage or unraveling

So, in all, I put a good amount of hours in that fucker, but in all honesty, it was fun and I'm extremely happy with it. I would do it again if someone wanted one, but I would charge a shit ton of money-not lying; like $300-400 at least.

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